Composer Information

The following contemporary Australasian composers have works in various ANZCA publications.

Composer Information​

The chart below includes sufficient General Knowledge information on these composers for most practical exam levels.

With the exception of New Zealand’s Sandra Lynch, all are regarded as Australian composers, regardless of their respective country of birth.

For examination General Knowledge purposes, a description such as (e.g.) “David Urquhart-Jones is an Australian composer who was born in Scotland” is recommended.

Composer Year and place of birth Works include
Yvonne Anthony 1943, Oxford, England Don's Day Out; Dancin' to Brazil; Black Mountain Boogie; Right-Hand Man
Kerin Bailey 1949, Kadina, SA, Australia Mellow Mood; Miss Miles; Latin Break; Triplet Falls
Rosalind Carlson 1937, Wahroonga, NSW, Australia The Galloping Horse; Waterfall in Spring; Cat and Kittens; Australian Bushfire
Jaye Celman 1931, Melbourne, Vic., Australia Puppet on a String; Touch of Spring; Bogie Boogie; Big Brass Band
Andrew Craggs 1967, Melbourne, Vic, Australia Serenade; Bill's Lunchbox; Feline Fine; Jumpin' George
Teresa Filmer 1942, Melbourne, Vic, Australia Piggy's Polka; Willow Wisp
Maureen Grieve 1943, Adelaide, SA, Australia Swinging; Turnabout; Warriors
Alan Griffiths 1967, Malawi Rhapsody and Fantasia; A Touch of Tango
Glenn R. Hunter 1953, Geelong, Vic, Australia Stompin' Around; A Summer Song; Boogie Etude; Stand and Deliver
Yvonne Johnson 1954, Launceston, Tas., Australia Slapstick; The Ol' Time Rag
Shaun Jones 1981, Melbourne, Vic., Australia Bouncin' Blues; Debut Rag
Robert Keane 1948, Townsville, Qld., Australia Boats on Botany Bay; Bungy Boogie; Cats are Cute; Thursday Excursion
Hartung Klix 1962, Altona, Germany Mexican Standoff; The White Tulips; Drag Your Shoes Blues; Pop Ballad #1
Ian Ladd 1954, Geelong, Vic., Australia Sneak; Latinesca; Steam Train Boogie; Wagons Ho!
Tony Llewellyn 1956, Caerffli, Wales The "I Can Do Blues" Blues; Saddlin' Up; New Shoes; True Blue Blues
Sandra Lynch 1969, Thames, New Zealand Japanese Winter; A Day in Italy; Showin' Off!; Chinatown
Mark Murphy 1966, Melbourne, Vic., Australia Lineal Larry; The Carlton Concerto; Cold Pies
Michelle Nelson 1962, Melbourne, Vic., Australia Psychedelic Strings; Jimi Explodes; Shadows of Summer; Cool Bossa
Peterpaul Raymakers 1964, Melbourne, Vic., Australia Winter's Dawn; Song of the Lyrebird; First Light
David Urquhart-Jones 1930, Glasgow, Scotland Parkview in Springtime; A Touch of Spain; Dreaming; Waltz in G Minor