Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

ANZCA’s office hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm (Melbourne time) Monday to Friday.

Phone: 03 9434 7640

Email: [email protected]

Website Contact Form

After Hours: please use our email, as our phone does not have voicemail.

ANZCA usually responds within 24-48 hours.


  • Modern Comprehensive
  • Classical Comprehensive
  • Performance
  • Jazz Syllabus
  • Video Performance
  • ANZCA Go! Video Examinations


  • Modern Comprehensive
  • Contemporary Classic Comprehensive
  • Performance
  • Video Performance
  • ANZCA Go! Video Examinations


  • Modern Comprehensive
  • Classical Comprehensive
  • Performance
  • Video Performance
  • ANZCA Go! Video Examinations

Drum Kit

  • Comprehensive
  • Performance
  • Video Performance
  • ANZCA Go! Video Examinations

We also offer examinations in Modern Bass and Mandolin (Guitar Syllabus), Ukulele, Strings, Wind, and Brass.

Please click HERE to access and download ANZCA's FREE syllabuses.

  • Comprehensive Examinations (Face-to-Face only)
  • Face-to-Face Performance Examinations (Solo & Band)
  • Video Performance Examinations (Solo & Band)
  • Go! Video Examinations (Solo & Band)
  • Written Theory Examinations

For Australia and New Zealand, you will find a list of exam fees on page 15 of the Examination Handbook. Click on your country above to download the current edition.


For Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, contact your local ANZCA Representative.

ANZCA send examiners to locations around Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. Decisions regarding the exam centres used for each series are made based on how many students are enrolled in each area. Teachers can request which area their students should go to be assessed, and can offer their own studios. ANZCA also uses its office in Ringwood, Melbourne.

There are three main practical examination series.

Series 1 examinations are held from 1st May to 30th June
(Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT)


Series 2 examinations are held from 1st August to 30th September (Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, New Zealand)


Series 3 examinations are held from 1st October to 30th November (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA)

Video Performance examinations can be sat at any time of the year. Students/teachers should record all four pieces in one take. Once the video is ready for assessment, the enrolment procedure and upload can be completed together.

Go! examinations can be commenced any time of the year and must be completed within 12 months. Students/teachers should record their first piece ready for assessment, then complete the enrolment procedure and upload at the same time.

Practical Examinations – Face-to-Face

Comprehensive and Performance examinations are offered in the Face-to-Face format.

ANZCA offers full-course studies for Modern and Classical examinations.

  • This format requires Technical Work, three or four pieces (depending on the grade), General Knowledge, Aural Tests and Sight Reading/Improvisation.
  • Pre-Grade One levels include Introductory, Preparatory and Preliminary. After Grade Eight, three diplomas are offered: Associate (A.Dip.A.), Licentiate (L.Dip.A.) and Fellowship (F.Dip.A.).
  • ANZCA believes candidates shouldn’t be limited by Classical or Modern genres. We encourage students to explore all musical styles in order to develop into well-rounded musicians. The FREE CHOICE  option allows students to explore a broad curriculum.


For Comprehensive exams in all instruments except Drum Kit, the following ANZCA Theory requisites apply:

  • Grade Six Practical requires Grade Three ANZCA Theory.
  • Grade Seven Practical requires Grade Four ANZCA Theory.
  • Grade Eight Practical requires Grade Five ANZCA Theory.

For these grades, students can sit for the Practical exam first, but will not receive their certificate until the Theory requisite is completed.


For Drum Kit requisites, see the Drum Kit syllabus.


Practical Diploma examinations have the following prerequisites, which must be completed before entering for the practical exam:

  • Associate Performer Diploma (A.Dip.A.) requires a Credit in Grade Five ANZCA Theory.
  • Licentiate Performer Diploma (L.Dip.A.) requires a Credit in Grade Six ANZCA Theory.

There are no Theory requisites for any level of Performance or Go! examinations.

  • Examinations consist of four (4) pieces only in every level.
  • There are no other requirements in terms of Technical Work, General Knowledge, Aural Tests or Sight Reading.
  • Teachers are encouraged to tailor their students' technical work according to the keys and requirements of the selected pieces, though this is not assessed.
  • Examinations are offered from Preparatory to Grade Eight and Performance Diploma (Perf.Dip.).
  • There are no theory or other requisites at any level. (Programme Notes are required for Performance Diploma.)

Please click HERE for more information.

No, there are no prerequisites for any level of the Performance or Go! examinations.


Note that the requirements for the Performance Diploma (Perf.Dip.) do include Programme Notes, which must be submitted to the office four weeks prior to the examination.

Not for Face-to-Face examinations.


However, you can request dates to avoid. There is a section on the entry form to provide these dates for things such as excursions, school camps or conflicting exams. It is expected that students will make themselves available if necessary for their exams wherever possible.

Practical Examinations – Video Performance & ANZCA Go!

Performance Syllabus examinations are available in both Face-to-Face and Video formats, for all levels from Preparatory to Performance Diploma (Perf.Dip.). There is no difference in the requirements between Face-to-Face and Video Performance exams.


Comprehensive exams are only available Face-to-Face, and ANZCA Go! exams are for Video only.

There are no set dates for either of our video exam formats. Simply record your video, then enrol and upload via the website portal whenever you are ready!

Click HERE for a video that will outline how to enrol in ANZCA Go! The Video Performance Exam enrolment process is very similar to ANZCA Go!.

Video will be available soon.

There is no difference between  the assessment requirements of  Video Performance and ANZCA Go! examinations. 

The point of difference is only that Video Performance requires 4 pieces to be uploaded as one take during the enrolment process, whereas ANZCA Go! requires the 4 pieces to be uploaded and assessed individually.

Theory Examinations

We have two written examination sessions per year, held in May and October.


The date and time of each examination session is set at the beginning of the year and cannot be altered. These dates are published in our Examination Handbook each year.

Not as yet. This format is being developed; however, it is unlikely to be available in 2024.

ANZCA's own series of Pathway to... theory tutor books are available for all levels from Preliminary to Grade Five. They can be ordered from our online store.


Past papers and answer papers are also available; email or phone the office or your Representative to order.

Enrolment Process

If it is more than four weeks away, you may request a change of date upon payment of a transfer fee, which is 50% of the original examination fee.

Changing from one examination type requires a transfer fee, which is 50% of the original examination fee.

ANZCA does not offer refunds under any circumstances. If you need more time or have a clash in dates, you can request a transfer as soon as you receive your exam date. The transfer fee is 50% of the original examination fee.

Remember that you can ask to avoid certain practical exam dates on your entry form. Time limits apply to transfer requests. See the current Examination Handbook for details.

Transferred examinations can only be entered on a current hard copy entry form, or through ringing the office. They cannot be entered online. The hard copy entry form requires a payment amount to be entered for each student. When calculating this, deduct the credit amount first and then enter the actual amount being paid.


For Face-to-Face exams...

  • Reports are usually emailed to the teacher within two weeks after the exam date.

ANZCA Go! Results

  • Can be received via email fairly quickly, as only one piece is assessed at a time.

Theory Results

  • Theory reports are emailed around one month after the exams, on a set date given in the Examination Handbook.

Receiving the printed reports and certificates may take a little time, depending on the workload in the office. Again they will be sent to the teacher as soon as possible.


ANZCA Go! certificates are emailed along with the final report. They are not printed and mailed from the office, but are ready for the family to print within the email.


Printed Theory reports and certificates are posted on the set date given in the Examination Handbook.

ANZCA has a Complaints Procedure in place and any concerns should be addressed to the General Manager, Tony Betros, at [email protected]