ANZCA Graduation

The 2023 ANZCA Graduation Ceremony and Concert was held on Sunday, 19th of March.

Congratulations to all Graduates and Encouragement Award winners (see gallery below).

2023 Graduates, with teachers’ names in brackets:

Performance Diploma
Osborn Chan, Pianoforte (May Gavin)
Charlie Cheuk-Sam Lau, Pianoforte (Winnie Yuen Wing Yee)
Darianna Chleo Faith B. Nuez, Singing, Honours (Clarence Marshall)

Associate Performer Diploma
Max Bohni, Drum Kit (Emmanuel’s Drum Studio)
Jessica Joy Budihardja, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)
Ayci Bun, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)
Gian Cannizzaro, Drum Kit (Emmanuel’s Drum Studio)
Sienna Knell, Classical Pianoforte, Honours (Stefanie Carter)
Duncan Lee, Classical Pianoforte, Honours (May Gavin)
Gregorius Reynard Sujanto, Classical Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)
Joshua Kwon Tan, Classical Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)
Tianyi Wang, Classical Pianoforte, Honours (Stefanie Carter)

Associate Teacher Diploma
Amelia Hewitt, Classical Pianoforte (Suzanne Hewitt)

Licentiate Performer Diploma
Grace Honey Budihardja, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)
Mac Taylor Johnson, Classical Pianoforte, Honours (Dr Kerry Vann-Leeflang)
Qury Imamia Mastur, Classical Pianoforte, Honours (Studio Musik Sienny)

Fellowship Performer Diploma
Melissa Catherine, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)

Graduation Ceremony
A graduation ceremony and concert is conducted annually, at which Diploma graduates wear the ANZCA academic dress. This consists of a plain black gown, paired with black stole with one of the following:
• a blue edge for Performance Diploma (Perf.Dip.)
• an apricot edge for Associate Performer Diploma (A.Dip.A.)
• a green edge for Associate Teacher Diploma (ATDA)
• an apricot face for Licentiate Performer Diploma (L.Dip.A.)
• a green face for Licentiate Teacher (LTDA)
• a burgundy face for Fellowship Performer Diploma (F.Dip.A.).

ANZCA Graduation Ceremony and Concert 2023