ANZCA Graduation

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, there will not be a 2022 Graduation Ceremony and Concert.  We congratulate the following 2022 graduates.

2022 Graduates, with teachers’ names in brackets:

Performance Diploma
Cian Boesen, Pianoforte (Suzanne Hewitt)
Duncan Lee, Pianoforte, Honours (May Gavin)
Rachel Rennie, Pianoforte, Honours (Dalyellup Music Academy)
Gabriel Trenery, Pianoforte (Cynthia Delaney)
Isabella Trinchera, Singing, Honours (Clarence Marshall)

Associate Performer Diploma
Bayden Adams, Modern Pianoforte (Dalyellup Music Academy)
Jackson Burns, Drum Kit, Honours (Mark Murphy)
Lidia Daisyanti, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)
Gabriel Eduardo Ernesto Field, Contemporary Classic Guitar (Caryn Eastman)
Euan Keith Jackson McDougall, Modern Pianoforte (Sharlene H. Penman)
Mac Taylor Johnson, Classical Pianoforte, Honours (Dr Kerry Vann-Leeflang)
Taylor Miners, Classical Pianoforte (Suzanne Hewitt)
Jasmine Koh Ka Ming, Classical Pianoforte (Clare Chu Tai Yong)
Vishal Muralee, Drum Kit (Emmanuel’s Drum Studio)
Liew Yung Ting, Classical Pianoforte (Clare Chu Tai Yong)
Ziqi Wang, Drum Kit (Mark Murphy)
Khairah Michiko Dyah Widjaya, Modern Pianoforte, Honours (Studio Musik Sienny)
Annabel Young, Classical Pianoforte (Annabel Young)

Licentiate Performer Diploma
Sultana Balqis Hidayat, Modern Pianoforte, Honours (Studio Musik Sienny)

Fellowship Performer Diploma
Seraphine Angelina, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)

Graduation Ceremony
A graduation ceremony and concert is conducted annually, at which Diploma graduates wear the ANZCA academic dress. This consists of a plain black gown, paired with black stole with one of the following:
• a blue edge for Performance Diploma (Perf.Dip.)
• an apricot edge for Associate Performer Diploma (A.Dip.A.)
• a green edge for Associate Teacher Diploma (ATDA)
• an apricot face for Licentiate Performer Diploma (L.Dip.A.)
• a green face for Licentiate Teacher (LTDA)
• a burgundy face for Fellowship Performer Diploma (F.Dip.A.).

ANZCA Diploma Graduates 2022