ANZCA Graduation

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, there will not be a 2021 Graduation Ceremony and Concert.  We congratulate the following 2021 graduates.

2021 Graduates, with teachers’ names in brackets:

Performance Diploma
Sarika Chandrakanthan, Pianoforte (Suzanne Hewitt)
Kenneth Roy Coxell, Pianoforte (Susan Russell)
Taylah Tokic, Pianoforte (Suzanne Hewitt)

Associate Performer Diploma
Amy Alannah Bourbon, Drum Kit (Darryn Farrugia)
Grace Honey Budihardja, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)
Tristan Chin, Classical Pianoforte, Honours (May Louise Gavin)
Jeremy Bede Hand, Modern Pianoforte (Sharlene H. Penman)
Joshua Ho, Drum Kit (My Drum School Pte Ltd)
Grace Jackelyn Kemp, Classical Pianoforte (Suzanne Hewitt)
Jacqueline Grant Lieman, Modern Pianoforte, Honours (Studio Musik Sienny)
Iris Vevina Prasetio, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)
Jason Matthew Utomo, Modern Pianoforte, Honours (Studio Musik Sienny)

Licentiate Performer Diploma
Sonya Serenia, Modern Pianoforte (Studio Musik Sienny)

Images from the 2019 Graduation Ceremony and Concert