Classical Pianoforte, Series 2 – Grade Two


ANZCA’s Series 2 Grade Two Classical Pianoforte grade book combines a range of favourite pieces from the established repertoire with fun, appealing works by contemporary Australasian composers.

List A
    Study in F (Opus 65, no. 25)
– A. Loeschhorn
    Innocence (Opus 100, no. 5)
– J. F. Burgmüller
    Etude in E Minor – J. W. Hässler
    Study (Opus 599, no. 50) – C. Czerny
List B
    Sonatina in F Major (Anh. 5, no. 2)
– L. van Beethoven
    Minuet in G – J. S. Bach
    La Savoyarde – M. Clementi
    Sonatina in G Major – T. Latour
List C
    The Galloping Horse – R. Carlson
    Twilight – J. Celman
    Luna – A. Craggs
    The White Tulips – Hartung Klix