Guitar Steps Book 1


The first book in Michelle Nelson’s guitar tutor system introduces the beginner guitarist to the must-know basics of single-note guitar style and its notation (both traditional and TAB).

Aimed primarily at students aged 9 and up, this 50-page book is packed with information for the first-year guitarist. Notes and concepts are introduced in an order which is both innovative and logical, using easy-to-follow text and clear musical exercises to develop both reading and basic technique with a minimum of stress.

Guitar Steps 1 is divided into three sections: “First Steps”, “Getting to 2nd Base” and “Consolidating Steps”. Each section introduces new notes, techniques and concepts, and concludes with songs and a written test. By the end of the third section, the student has covered the first position, major and minor scales and keys up to one sharp or flat, basic syncopation and more.