I Play Ukulele, Book 1


The first volume in an innovative new tutor/grade book series, I Play Ukulele, Book 1 takes the student from the very beginning through to a secure Preliminary standard. Much more than just a collection of strumming tunes, this book introduces both rhythm and melody playing, with a focus on developing the strong, flexible right-hand technique demanded by the new wave of modern ukulele repertoire.

Through a range of bright, fun compositions (some with lyrics), students learn the basics of chord/rhythm playing, melody playing, music notation and theory. The 60-track CD contains both demonstration performances and backing tracks. The pieces are divided into Lists A (rhythm), B (melody) and C (melody and chords), providing a full range of repertoire options for the ANZCA Level One Ukulele examination.

I Play Ukulele 1 also includes technical work, sight reading and aural training, making this a true “all-in-one” preparation tool for the Level One exam. The full syllabus for this level is included as an appendix on the final page of the book.

See author John Murray perform all exercises and List pieces on ANZCA’s YouTube channel, ANZCALimited.