Technical Work – Drum Kit

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Visit YouTube to see ANZCA examiner Mark Murphy perform Snare Solos 1 to 10.

This book is not only an ideal companion to the ANZCA Drum Kit Syllabus, but is also a valuable reference and development tool for all drum students.

Technical Work – Drum Kit contains requirements for all levels of the syllabus, grade by grade. All rudiments are fully notated, and 10 new Snare Studies are included – two per grade from Grade Four to Grade Eight.

Both the 26 Standard and 40 International Rudiments are presented in full, with explanatory and historical notes. Additional material includes Introducing Rudimental Notation, Sticking Patterns, Accent Studies, Using the Metronome, Using Rudiments as Fills, and other exercises and information designed to develop not only technique, but also knowledge and understanding.