ANZCA Go! Performance

ANZCA Go! is one of our significant innovative developments in celebration of our 40th Birthday! This approach is designed to appeal to a variety of students’ interests, needs and learning styles.

ANZCA Go! is a new ‘fun’ Video-based assessment format providing an incremental approach to Performance Syllabus exams, allowing students to focus on shorter-term goals while receiving timely and constructive feedback throughout the process.

Only four pieces are required at every level, which can be uploaded individually at any time within a 12-month period. 


  • ANZCA Go! is a Video exam format only.
  • ANZCA Go! is based on the Performance Syllabus format. Four pieces are required for this exam and should be uploaded separately, when ready, throughout the 12-month period.
  • ANZCA Go! is available in all instruments from Preparatory through to Grade Eight.


  • Pieces will be assessed using the same criteria as other Performance exams, with the same high standards expected.
  • Students will receive feedback after every video has been uploaded, including a mark out of 25 for each piece. The overall exam result, out of 100, along with an overall summative report and a digital certificate, will be given after the fourth piece is assessed.


  • Students or teachers must enrol online via the website when the first piece is ready for assessment.
  • Students have 12 months from their enrolment date to record and upload their four exam pieces.


  • At the start of each video, the candidate must look directly at the camera and introduce their piece.
  • All videos must be uploaded within seven days of recording.
  • It is the teacher’s or student’s responsibility to ensure that the sound quality is as clear as possible without background noise, and the camera angle adheres to our Video Examinations guidelines.

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